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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Ghostly Tale II - Preview

I've been talking about my upcoming book and realized today, as I set the ball in motion for the cover to be made, you might like a preview.  Here's the first chapter.  Keep in mind the title is a working title and will probably change.

A Ghostly Tale II - Chapter One
By Grinelda Markowitz
(Click below for the story)

“Andrew?” She whispered from the darkness of her dreams.
“Kara, my love. I’ve come back, but only until All Hallows Eve. If I fail, I’ll remain chained to this life forever, chained to you. That would be a true torment as I could only watch you. I’d never be able to touch you again, though my desire to would burn hot. I’d never feel your sweet lips against mine and never, ever taste your succulent, fountain-of-pleasure again or nibble it’s delicate fruit. My days would be spent seeing what I can’t have and yearning for my own corporeal being for just a moment, no, a day. No, I’d never be satisfied to not live out my days with you to the very end.”
He lay behind her along the length of her sheet-draped body, hovering just above the bed. His hand passed through her head as he attempted to stroke her chestnut-brown hair.
“Your hair was always so soft. It smelled of roses, and wild flowers, and sweet heather in the warm sun. It smelled of life.”
His lips came so close that they passed beneath the surface of her alabaster white skin. She shivered in response and continued to sleep. He sighed heavily, chagrined.
“Remember when I first touched your lips with mine? I thought the whole of the city would be set aflame with the inferno I’d ignited in you. I could always see the embers glowing beneath the surface of all that was you. It was I who set the fuel to the smoldering coals.”
He glided over her body to face her and hovered, leaning on his elbow.
“I was always a leg man Kara. But your perfect melons made me realize the error of my ways. I preferred a healthier diet thereafter. So full and so sensitive and so responsive. Your nipples seemed to rise en pointe whenever I was in the room with you.”
A thumb passed over and through a carnation-pink nipple. He watched as she broke out in gooseflesh, lying there serenely asleep. She brought her hands up to cup her breasts as though to keep them warm and fondled her nipples with a thumb. Each stood straight up and begged for attention.
“If only I could get a mouth full of these one more time.”
He groaned in anguish as his head passed through a plumped melon in an attempt to suck on a nipple.
“Fortunately, in this state I don’t get boners. I’d have blue balls right now.”
“The day you showed me your sensitive thumb-of-a-clit I knew divine providence was watching over me. One touch and you exploded in passion. I don’t know whose orgasm was more powerful; mine while I sucked and teased your knob as I dry-humped the bed or yours as all those charged nerve endings flared like Tesla’s arcing transmitter. Yours was the best to nibble and all the more for its pleasingly larger stature.”
He placed a long graceful finger at the tip of her aroused digit and grimaced as the finger passed through it.
She released her now-warmed breasts and rolled over onto her back. As she ran her delicate fingers over her flat belly, she paused to play with her protruding button through the sheet. The well-manicured hands continued down to her thighs which spread wider to allow them access. While pulling the covers aside with one hand, an index finger of the other dipped into her slit and worked the juices around her lips and clit.
Her bed companion drifted to the foot of the bed and settled above one arm of a plush wing chair. He crossed one leg over the other. His eyes never left the sight in front of him.
“You’ve not moved this chair. I remember many a time when you made me come within an inch of my life while my member throbbed all swollen and warm in your hot, wet mouth. You never wasted a drop.”
He watched with rapt attention from his perch as she fingered her cleft with one hand and rubbed her nub with the fingers of the other. Occasionally she brought her very wet fingers to her mouth and licked them.
“Oh, I so remember when you’d do that while making a cake or cookies or some other dessert. It always reminded me of what you looked like when you were on your knees in front of my rod with your tongue rimming it’s head.”
He continued to watch as she slid the other fingers inside and slowly frigged herself silly. Her face became mottled as she neared the point of no return. She squeezed her eyes tighter and the tip of her delicate tongue peeked out through drawn lips.
“I’m certain your expression would look absurd on the faces of other women, but it’s so sexy on your lovely face. Everything about you was sexy, even more so when you were aroused and demanding pleasure.”
She drew her heels closer to her bottom and her knees came together while she worked her digits with gusto between her thighs. Her well-sculpted feet rose to their toes as she writhed in the bed.
You always woke me with your masturbatory orgasms; they were so violent. I think that’s what my problem was. I couldn’t handle that I wasn’t enough man for you. Though you’d never stepped out on me as I came to do to you; you would frequently pleasure yourself when I was asleep or getting ready for work. I could see you fingering yourself from the bathroom mirror while I shaved in the mornings. I screwed up; more the fool, I.
He watched as her body tensed then released into a quaking which rocked the bed. She gurgled in her sleep with her mouth wide open. She captured her hands between her legs as she squeezed them together tightly. Then the sobbing began. The moans started deep and rose to the surface as the quaking of her body subsided.
“Look. Look what you’ve become! I’m so sorry my sweet, sweet Kara. I did this to you. I promise I’ll make it right. You are my fetter.”
A tall, dark-skinned man rose from the chair, shimmered; then, walked across the room and through the wall. A sigh hushed through the room in his wake. A framed picture of a seemingly happy couple shifted where it hung and nearly fell. The sound of footsteps receded down the hall and slowly faded into the quiet of the night.
“Andrew. Come back. Don’t leave me.” Kara called out in a husky voice thickened by tears. She sniffled, then rolled over on her other side towards the window without rousing from sleep. A hint of pink light showed through the curtains and brightened slowly to a brilliant morning.



  1. The chapter is an attention-grabber. There are some excellent lines in it. I particularly liked one of the last lines, "A framed picture of a seemingly happy couple shifted where it hung and nearly fell." That's an excellent metaphor. Good start, Grinelda.

  2. thanks, patricia. i'm so glad you stopped by and commented. i'm enjoying this effort. the ghost standing over me in the background whenever i work on it is "Aura," by Fuentes. I used to have a translation which i have since disgarded. even in translation it's very haunting. part of that being, of course, because it's written in 2d person pov. have a great day. :D


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