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Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Review ~ Daughter of the Moon: Book Two - The Depths

Daughter of the Moon: Book Two - The Depths
By Patricia Green

The escapades of Charles, Mikhail, and Sonata continue in Patricia Green's, Daughter of the Moon ~ Book II: The Depths. Now confined to Earth Ark Omega (EAO) until the earth's atmosphere can again support human life, the entwined lives and relationships of its inhabitants are run through the crucible of close confinement, an artificial environment, and the passage of time over ten plus years after their confinement to the shelter. The author cleverly develops the personalities of the characters and allows them to blossom, mature, and ripen together into the cohesive seed community it is destined to become.

Hilarious, poignant, and riveting throughout; one experiences the best and worst elements as would be found in any community engaged in a constant struggle to survive. Deftly embroidered throughout the story is an underlying sensual and sexual thread which shows up its characters for the truly human creatures they are. Allow yourself to be entertained in a moment of abandon by entering the EAO.

In tandem with the community's confinement drawing to a close, the reader is reassured that Charles, Mikhail, and Sonata as well as their friends have a future in the world from which they have been estranged. Patricia Green appropriately ends the story with the ritual which so appropriately means promise on many levels. I found as much enjoyment in this second book of the series as I did the first. Not knowing what I was in for when I first stepped through the entrance into the EAO all those many pages ago; I'm glad I did.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

So Where's Da Book?

The Moon-Kissed Chi is still in revision status.  I've had a few major changes to my schedule which includes a new job.  Training cuts right across my writing time.  So, writing is greatly curtailed.  Also, I've got to get a different provider as my service is still out for the inet.  But, I'm plugging along and I'm sure you'll like the revised version once it's out. 


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Review ~ Daughter of the Moon: Book One - The Surface

Daughter of the Moon:  Book One - The Surface
By Patricia Green

Compelling, engaging, and altogether thought provoking; in Patricia Green’s, Daughter of the Moon ~ Book I:  The Surface, the reader is introduced to a  future that has evolved enough to permit open and tolerant attitudes in which Wikkan and Pagan tenets are mainstream practice.  Charles, Mikhail, and Sonata are the central characters through which the readers experience a more egalitarian social structure and a humane and benevolent rede is observed by many, “. . .fertility, nurture, and pleasure.”  This belief is not unlike the Wikkan Rede today, “…an ye harm none, do what thou wilt”; along with Wikka’s deep roots in the appreciation of fertility.  Solists and Daughters of the Moon are the two primary groups of observers of the pagan ways of the time.

On the brink of total annihilation by threats and occurrences of nuclear attack; many cities in the U. S. as well as around the world have been destroyed along with the lives of their inhabitants.  The main characters, along with a collection of friends who all game together, have formed an alliance, Earth Ark Omega (EAO).  They have developed a shelter, Articulus, to sustain their group in the event the threat of nuclear attack is realized on the home front.  Their plans are long term as the half life of the radioactive materials used will require a retreat from the earth’s atmosphere for at least twelve to fifteen years before it could possibly be capable of sustaining human life again.  The accommodations are designed to meet the demands of time and community.

Deliciously embellished with light-hearted bdsm, liberal sexual practices, and more evolved concepts of commitment in relationships; le pièces de résistance is the inference that the idea of freedom of choice in issues of life, personal lifestyle, and death has made significant advancements.  Finally, and most importantly of all, what the Patricia Green suggests the future holds for electronic gaming technology is the final inducement to enter her world of, The Daughter of the Moon.  I did and enjoyed every page of it.

Book Reviews

I enjoy doing reviews of books and so have decided to review a book and post it here as well as where ever the books is posted.

My first review will be of PGreen's, The Daughter of the Moon Bk 1.