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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Essay On The Delicacy of Dick ~ By Rose Noire

The following is a bit of fun.  Another of Rose Noire's efforts.  For some reason spotted dick comes to mind when I read this.

An Essay on the Delicacy of Dick
By Rose Noire

There’s no finer desert to accompany a banquet of love making than the rich, creamy custard of a man’s cum.  Dick is best when served piping hot and baked to a petrified firmness.  One of few delicacies, Southern Fried Chicken being another, for which one can abandon all dining decorum, dick is appreciated most by connoisseurs and connoisseuses of fine fucking.

So great is the visual pleasure of seeing one’s dining companion licking the succulent fluid which has risen from deep beneath one’s pleasure pole and spurted all over his or her face, hands, and self, while he or she licks fingers sticky with cream, that one can find no end to the desire to repeat this dining experience.

Though dick can be served as a complimentary desert, it makes a fine appetizer as well.  The main course to follow will be enhanced by the opening act.  Many more folks find a simple meal consisting solely of dick satisfying in the utmost.  That rich, thick filling which spouts forth from the well-prepared member is the creme de la creme of pudding-filled pastry.

There has been much said on the consumption of dick.  Notably, that written on the subject in the sex manual of all times, The Kama Sutra, speaks of the consumption of dick, but most favorably in the 69th position (called the crow therein).  If this fine delicacy is not on your libidinal menu, it is never too late to encorporate it as a mainstay.  It can only enhance your daily meals and increase your appetite for such dainty delicacies.

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