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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Having shared a snippet from on of Rose Noire's stories, I thought it would be great to share one of her complete stories.  I happened to think of one her her stories last year and that was the inspiration for me to take up the pen to write my own erotica.  You can find her stories at a ASSTR.  So, without further ado, I give you Amanda and Claire Go To Work, by Rose Noire.  Don't forget to check out my recent Amazon release, The Moon-Kissed Chi.


AMANDA AND CLAIRE GO TO WORK (Click below for the story)

Amanda was stirring her cappuccino absently, when Claire put her paper down and said, "Well,  we've lots of options for work." She pointed to each entry as she read off, "Secretary, secretary, receptionist, clerk, and secretary."
"You can type can't you?  Didn't you provide secretarial services for Mr. Fontaine before we partnered up?" Amanda said as she looked up from the steaming beverage she'd been agitating.  Claire laughed, "Yes, from beneath his desk and up against the filing cabinet.  I didn't do much typing.  That requires one to sit down on one's ass.  But, yes, I can type"
"Oh, well, we've got to come up with some way to pay the rent.  Can't you pretend or something?  I'm even thinking of applying for a job over at Drowsie Maggie's for the dinner shift.  I can wait tables." Amanda said as she slowly spun the cup around on its saucer.
"Yeah you can.  I've seen you work tables, but it's usually on your back or on your belly, with your ass or twat wide open.  Got an idea.  If we don't get a call for something more fun by this evening, let's go get something a little on the drab side to earn the rent by." With that, Claire folded the paper and finished drinking the iced cappuccino in front of her.
Her shades rapped around her face and the contrast between the dark band where her eyes should be and the whiteness of her skin was alluring.  Her full, coral-colored lips matched coral nails.
"Hmm, it'll be a challenge.  But, I'm up to it.  Gotta eat, you know.
Let's call from here and check our messages." Amanda waved to the waiter and asked him to bring a phone to the table.  She took a pen from her purse and smoothed a napkin.  When the waiter returned with the phone she smiled at him brightly and patted his hand.  She punched in their number and after a brief pause, began writing on the napkin.
Claire watched as she wrote down the messages and wrinkled her forehead so the dark brows disappeared beneath the tops of her glasses.  She looked around for the waiter and saw him disappear into the cafe.  He exited again five minutes later and she signaled to him for the check.
"Well, we got a call from David at La Boite.  He wants us to put something down on our tab.  Monica was wondering if we want to go to a party at her parents' place next weekend.  Three calls from the land lady and a call from the manager at the gym to find out if we're going to join. He'll give us a discount.  Mr.  Flasque called to say that was our best session yet, and wants a standing appointment on the third Wednesday of every month.  He'll pay more if we make him a regular.  Monique down at the modeling agency called to say she expects we'll have a few jobs the first weekend of next month for one of her foreign clients.  She'll let us know in a few days.  In the mean while, we don't have any choice but to find work to tide us over for a while.”
The waiter brought the check and smiled at the generous tip left by the two women.  Amanda patted him on the behind as they were leaving.  They were soon lost in the current of people constituting the hustle and bustle of afternoon shoppers.  They headed back to their apartment but first Claire filled out a few applications with several businesses looking for secretaries.  Amanda stopped by Drowsie Maggie's to apply for work as a waitress.
The manager of Maggie's was a sinewy dark fellow with a faintly lilting accent.  He spent more time checking her out as she sat there in her short skirt and sandals with her leg crossed over the other knee than he paid attention to her answer to his questions.  He accepted the application when she handed it to him and told her to show up for work the next night at 4 p.m.  He'd be the only one there until 5:30, but he wanted to give her a good orientation.
They climbed the three flights to their loft apartment and Claire waited while Amanda opened the door.  The flash of the indicator on the answering machine showed they had a couple more messages.
"Gawd!  I wonder what now.  Hmm, maybe it's one of those places you applied to." Amanda said as she pushed the button and waited for the play back.
"Ms.  Pidgeon.  This is Ernest Dixon's office.  I need someone to start tomorrow.  My current typist had to leave unexpectedly today.  Your qualifications seem adequate for our needs.  Please call as soon as you can. The answering service will contact me as soon as they hear from you."  The message ended with the date/time stamp.  The final message was from the land lady.
"Well, at least we'll be able to eat through next month." Claire said as she began dialing the number to Dixon's office.  Amanda went to answer the door.  She mockingly shoved her finger down her throat after she' peeped out the view hole.  When she opened the door, a middle aged, ashen-blond haired woman stood waiting.  She was somewhat dumpy in spite of her attempts at makeup and a manicure.
"Mrs.  Aspic.  How are you?  What can we do for you." Amanda drawled as she moved to block the land lady's entrance.
"The rent is now one and a half months past due.  I'll have to evict you if you don't pay up by the end of the month." Her raspy voice echoed in the hallway.
"We'll have it sooner than that.  We've both found new jobs and start tomorrow." Amanda began to push the door closed slowly.  Mrs.  Aspic backed away from the door and turned down the stairs.
"Just see that you do." She hollered over her shoulder as she descended the stairs.
Claire grimaced as the door closed.  "Well, looks like I start tomorrow. Gotta be there at nine in the morning.  Yech!"
Amanda made a quick supper and Claire dug through the closet looking for something to wear.  She finally decided on a ballerina-length skirt which buttoned up the front, a blouse and a vest.  She found a pair of loafers and a matching purse.  It wasn't exactly what the well-dressed secretary was wearing, but it'd do.
That night the two of them compiled all their bills and determined how much they were in debt.  It wasn't a pretty sight by the time they got done. Amanda climbed into the bed they shared and Claire followed soon after.  Love making for them was more a comfort that night than an activity. They lay there and pleasured each other for some time before they dropped off to sleep, entwined in each other's limbs.
Claire crept out of bed and left Amanda sleeping.  Hastily she dressed and left for work.  She didn't want to be late for her first day.  It was a short walk from the apartment to the office, but it was all up hill.  When she arrived Mr.  Dixon was sitting at the typewriter in the reception area, fighting with a piece of paper.  He looked up from the desk and smiled at her.  The fold of his eyes indicated he was of oriental extraction, but his eyes were blue.  His hair was jet black and judging by the way he was crammed into the typewriter table, he was probably tall.  His hands appeared to be very well muscled.
"Ah, Claire, you're on time.  Your first official duty will be to remove this piece of paper from the typewriter and then type this summons.  I need it in 45 minutes." With that he got up from the chair and motioned for her to sit.  She placed her bag on the desk and turned to the typewriter.
She was aware of his standing over her while she worked and when she'd finally extricated the errant piece of paper from the typewriter, she handed it to him and turned back to type the document from his notes and the sample copy next to them.
Engrossed in her work, she wasn't aware when he'd left the front office.  She ran over time by about five minutes, but her typing was flawless.  He nodded with approval as he perused her work and then placed the document in his brief case along with a few other files.
On his way out the door, he called back over his shoulder for her to familiarize herself with the office and take phone messages.  She organized files and helped herself to a soda in the kitchen.  She looked over his office and noticed the picture of a woman and two children on his credenza.  She assumed he was married.  It was one thirty before he returned.
"Hello, Claire.  Come on back into the office with me and we'll talk.  I'm sorry about this morning, but this hasn't been an easy week." He continued to his office and placed the brief case on the credenza behind his desk.  He left the room briefly and as she was seating herself in front of his desk, he called out to see if she'd like a soda.  He came back with a ginger ale for himself and a Pepsi for her along with a couple glasses filled with ice.
"Now, Janet, my former typist, had several deaths in her family in the last couple months.  Last month she discovered she was pregnant and has been sick every other day.  Yesterday she quit and said her last day would be in two weeks or as soon as I could find a replacement." He glanced casually at the leg which appeared from beneath her skirt, through the partially unbuttoned opening.
"She has been good at keeping up with her work, so fortunately there's no back log.  What I need mostly from you is typing, answering the phone, and dealing with clients when they come in until I can see them." He appraised her from where he was in a destracted sort of way.
She uncrossed and recrossed her legs then leaned forward to place her glass on the top of the desk.  Just enough cleavage showed to catch his eye and his awareness of it was apparent when she looked up at him.  He spent the rest of that day going over the catalog with her and didn't miss any opportunities to brush against her or otherwise make contact with her.  She could feel his eyes on her back whenever she was turned away from him.
They went on this way for several days.  Each day Claire took great pleasure in tantalizing him subtly.  She'd gone into the their little kitchen to get a soda and decided when she heard him coming to adjust her stocking and garter.  The look on his face was reward enough as she dropped the dress hem and feigned surprise.  The day she dropped a contact, or pretended to, was quite fun.  They were down on their hands and knees in his office looking for it.  Her dress was quite short and she paid attention to keeping her ass lifted high in the air.  She was sure she saw a bulge in his pants when she was standing up.  Her legs were spread wide as she rose to a standing position then she smoothed her dress and left the room on the pretense of replacing her contact lens.
When she came back into his office to get the files from his desk he wasn't there, but before she could turn around, he had walked up behind her and leaned into her.  She thought it was about time.  She allowed her body to relax and tilted her hiney up ever so much.
"I've been watching you.  You're not like Janet.  She was very efficient and very professional.  I never thought once about embellishing our working relationship.  " All the while he was talking, his hands were running up her body.  They found the hem of her dress and lifted it up to expose her naked ass, garter, and stockings.
She could feel the bulge hardening behind her, so she leaned her weight on her arms over his desk and began to purr.  Purring was a skill she'd acquired over the years.  It usually drove men wild to feel her body vibrating all over.  She spread her legs apart and rubbed her ass against the crotch of his pants.
His hand continued to move over her body and they finally rested on her breasts.  He kneaded her nipples between his fingers and the globes with his palms, then he began to slowly grind against her bottom while pulling her closer to him from the front.
Reaching around behind herself, Claire managed to undo the belt and open his pants to free his member.  She tilted her pelvis as far forward as possible and her ass up then moved back onto the tip of his prick.  She could feel the power emanating from the baton knocking for entry at her door.  With a quick movement backward she had him to the balls in her tight, dripping grotto.  He gasped in surprise then began pumping.  He pumped hard and he pumped long.  He squeezed her tits so tight she was sure they'd turn blue with bruises.  She watched the clock and saw the minutes tick by.  He fucked her for almost thirty minutes without stopping then pulled out.
"What, have you had enough already?" She asked him while trying to look over her shoulder.
"No, I just want a taste of something a little tighter." Without skipping a beat the tip of his baseball bat was in her ass.  He pushed forward slowly.  She gasped at the intensity of the pleasure.  She loved getting her ass fucked.
"Where'd you learn to ass fuck so well?  I haven't had it this good in a long time." She leaned back into him and purred as he stroked the insides of her ass with his cock.  The fingers of one of her hands reached between her thighs and fondled her clit.  She used the juices from her still dripping cunt to wet the knob.  While he ass-fucked her, she played with herself.  She became aware of a trembling in his body behind her as her own orgasm became more eminent.  As he exploded into her deepest recesses, she came all over her fingers.  He sat down in the chair behind them pulling her into his lap with his dick still inside her.
"Wow!  I'd forgotten how good this could be." He finally helped her to her feet and then got up himself.  He tucked his clothes in while she made use of the small bathroom.  When she'd returned to her desk, he came out with her files.
"You're doing a great job, Claire.  Here's your first pay check.  There's a small bonus as well." He smiled slyly and then gathered his things and headed out the door.  "Oh, you can leave when you're done.  Just remember to lock up.  I'll be in late on Monday, so you don't need to be here until 10:30 a.m."
She tidied up her desk and left about fifteen minutes later.  She couldn't wait to tell Amanda about the day.

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