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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some Like It Hot!

How do you like your erotica?  Some like it so hot the book smokes as they're reading.  There are some who like to have the book move from barely smoldering embers to a three-alarm-fire ending.  For a few the heat should be tempered by the shade of trees on a balmy spring day but relentless all the more.  Are you one of those who like chains and other means of control?  Perhaps you'd rather have the main character be in control rather controlling another character or other characters.  Do you like frills and fancies and subtle games of manipulation?  Or do you like the refreshing succulence of boy meets the girl next door and they start a blaze that never ends?

Me, I like a little of everything.  I always enjoy a buffet.  But, if I had to choose, heat tempered by cooling shade works for me.

Well, whatever your preference please share it here.  Don't forget the poll on the right entitled, "Some Like It Hot!"

These are the poll question and answers, don't forget to make your selections:

Some Like It Hot!  How hot do you want your erotic reading?

California Santa Ana Forest Fire Hot
Smoldering But Not Fully Ignited
Torrid Yet Tempered
Sweet Or Bittersweet, But Sizzling
Other - Be Sure To Comment In The Post


  1. As a Los Angeles native, I like your comparison to a Santa Ana wildfire. I like books with explicit content AND a story with peaks and valleys. I always like a happy ending, too. Occasionally, I find books with these features become predictable if the author doesn't throw in a creative philip here and there, but in some regards, predictability is welcome. Like a familiar pair of slippers.

  2. i like my slippers (old and tattered as they are) so i can totally relate to appreciating predictability. i can recall some santa ana's when i was a child wherein the air as far south as the border was filled for days with the smell of smoke and fire. a little disconcerting for a child.


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