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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book Review - Sal Aceous - Succubus

Sal Aceous

Fast-moving action.  Vividly-cast imagery.  Fiercely-randy characters.  Sal Aceous brings us a full-moon inspired tryst between a succubus and her werewolf boy toy.  However, it seems just as the sex is heating up, Leonora  disappears only to reappear in an even more sizzling scenario into which her werewolf lover can pump his hot, rigid hammerhead.  With the action heating up and coming to a boil, the reader is left all hot and bothered, and seeking an entry into their lair.  You'll not put this steamy story down until the jizz-dripping end.


  1. This was a fun story. Fast and furious!

  2. You write great reviews, Grinelda. Sal's book is very entertaining and you're right to recommend it. I like what you've done with your site as well. It looks great on my tablet.

    1. oh, and thank you for the comments abt the blog's appearance. there's an option to set a different look for ereaders and ipads, etc. so i took advantage of it.

  3. Camille Towe ~ yes it was. I hope to see some longer work evolve from this story.

    Patricia Green ~ thank you. I enjoy doing them. I feel strongly it hones my "eye" when looking at my own writing.


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