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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My favorite day of the week . . .

. . . . Horny Hump Day!

TGI . . . HHD!  Now that's a mouthful!  But it only begs the question, "A mouth full of what?"

This week's snippet occurs in the dwelling of Matron Maeb and her bed-sworn Trendo.  You know how most folks in our world look forward to getting home from work for dinner?  Kalaydans can't wait to get home to exchange some chi.  This is an excerpt from the final tidbit (in the rough) I've added to The Moon-Kissed Chi.  Knock on wood (or whatever one does with wood).  It goes without saying, the final bit had to be a sex scene.
Their pace was deliberate yet urgent, slow and steady.  Continuing to slip in and out of her well-lubed sheath, his head dropped down and his mouth sucked in a nipple and its breast, as much as would fit.  The nails of her one hand raked his back and the fingers of the other gripped one of his twin buns.
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  1. Well they seem to be having a bit of fun!

    Hot post.

  2. I thought it endearing that only part of the breast would fit in his mouth. That's a fun bit to put in there, Grinelda. I like where you've gone with this.

  3. Daryl Devore - yes, they are. The highpoint of the Kalaydan day, I guess. Thanks for stopping in.

    Patricia Green - thank you. I'm so glad you popped in. It occurred to me Trendo is a breast man where Bezhyanya is a bun man. :D

    In case anyone wonders, I have my own personally attending men in white coats. I suspect involvement to this degree in one's characters makes it mandatory. ;)

  4. Very sensual piece and interesting scenario. Keep sharing.

  5. Verity Ant thank you for stopping in. When I sat down to write the scene from which this is taken, I was pleased it had come my way. Thank you for commenting and I look forward to next week's sharing.

  6. Very sexy snippet! They sound like a great couple.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Carrie-Anne, thank you. I'm hoping the pairing of my characters will highlight their strengths and weakness. For, example, Maeb is very austere in her professional guise and this snippet shows the more playful nature that lies beneath the surface. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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