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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Excerpts For Christmas Wishes Blog Hop December 2012

Check out the excerpts below the cut.

    One of the works-in-progress with which I'm having a great deal of fun is Johnny B. Goode.  I conceived the story, Johnny B. Goode, from a guest blog article I'd done for Anthony Beal's page.  Mr. Goode doesn't have any trouble getting women and making them purr like a contented kitty.  That part comes naturally to him.  However, his role in the relationship is most affective when he is pussy whipped.  Amanda's strength was that she could have any man entrhalled with the mere suggestion he'd be the honored recipient of her charms.  Only thing is, she doesn't stay in any relationship for very long, but she doesn't cut the cord either.  Penne, on the other hand, is a match for Amanda in everything but malice.  She never acquired the "catty" streak all women are said to possess.  So when she and Johnny meet and become an item, she's not prepared for Amanda's constant tugging on that old cord wrapped around Johnny's nethers.  Things heat up as two sizzling Divas, in their own right, contend for Johnny's affections.  Oh, and yes, there's a twist or two included.  Previous snippets from Johnny B. Goode posted for Horny Hump Day can be found here.  See the excerpt below.
In the exerpt below, Penne and Johnny are spending the weekend together.  They've booked rooms at a hotel at a remote resort in the mountains.  Both know what they are hoping for but know the moment isn't upon them yet.  But, it's close.

  They moved further into the dense forest, off the marked path. As they walked along Penne became more aware of Johnny’s presence. His scent overlaid and blended with the deep muskiness which rose up from the earthy floor and from the foilage which enveloped them as they moved purposefully into its welcoming call. As the dark around them deepened, her ice-blond hair and robust coloring glowed faintly.
  Johnny pulled her closer, his hands reacquainting him with her curves and softness. Her hand slipped under his shirt after pulling it free from the belt which confined it. Nails traced swirls and curls and other mysterious symbols on his back. He allowed her touch to arouse him, to prepare him for what he had wanted but staved off since their first night out together. She wasn’t like Amanda. With Penne, being together would be a bonding more permanent than marriage itself. She was Amanda’s match for pleasure, but what they shared was so much more.
  They entered a clearing, and left the shadows behind them. The grassy floor was speckled with butter cups and other wild flowers. Penne paused for a moment to remove her shoes and socks. They didn’t speak. It would be too grotesque a fouling of the moment they shared now. She pulled him to the center and paused. Her fingers followed the circle of his belt to the buckle and pulled him gently to stand in front of her. She stood almost en pointe to reach his lips; he leaned into the kiss.
  The charge of a lightening strike coursed through his body. He was joined to her at the lips and he sought to bring her whole body into contact with his. He lifted her in his strong arms and pulled her into his massive chest. Her fingers cupped his ears and caressed them, he supported her back and luscious bottom in his hands as he pulled her even more tightly into his arms.
  Another strike of the powerful lightening erupted from the touch of her tongue to his. She sucked the breath from his being as she entwined her tongue around his. Her pale blue eyes were alive with Tesla’s arcing energy as he looked into them. Slowly he dropped to his knees, bringing them both down to the floor of the clearing. He groaned in anticipation as her fingers found their way to his belt buckle, opening it, thus releasing its hold on its contents.  She hesitated with all the wonder Pandora had when once she opened the proverbial box.

   The Kalaydan Chronicles:  Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi (TMKC) is my first published work of erotica.  It tells the tale of the ruling family at the time  the heir comes to an early maturity.  Arrinay and  Bezhyanyabreak the news to their daughter, Gayadnae thatthe time has come for her to enter the training.  Shesurprises them by taking the news with more graceand poise than she exhibits as a rule.  Only Grayt and her sister, Hawne, and Gayadnae's Kallish (a ruler's sworn bed mate)-to-be, Muntaën know any differently. There's a dollop of humor within mixed with a few clever  homages, the promise of adventure and conflict, and a smattering of characters which move about on the silver screen of TMKC.  A blurbis posted below. TMKC snippets from previous Horny Hump Day entries are here.

   In the exerpt below, Muntaën and Gayadnae exchange a kiss, a first step in the commitment they will soon make to each other.

   “Okay. Kiss me before we go? I want to know, just for a moment, what our time together will be like.”

  His feral yellow eyes became bigger and darker as he moved his face closer to hers. His breath smelled sweet and spicy all in one. He kissed her full on the mouth. Not holding back, he pulled her tightly to him and covered her lips with the warmth of his own. His tongue sought entry and was met enthusiastically by hers. Their embrace went no further than the kiss, but each knew an awakening had occurred for which there must be a satisfying answer. He released her. Her bosom heaved and her breathing was heavy.

Coming soon to Smashwords and Amazon

  A Ghostly Tale Or Two (AGT2) is a work-in-progress which includes two stories of the ghostly kind.   You'll find my Horny Hump Day entries which included blurbs and snippets for AGT2 here.  Lovely Kara black funk in the months since the death of her husband, Andrew.  As Halloween nears, Andrew finds himself fettered to his former wife in the home they shared while he was alive.  He must free himself of his former wife by encouraging her to move on with her life.  The task is daunting, however, because he keeps returning to memories of their life together everytime he is in her presence.  Margie has taken great care of Kara over this time but she has an alterior motive.  She hopes to revive an old college pash she once shared with Kara while they were roomies.  Kara has started to see the rays of sunlight that have shone on her during this time of darkness.  She also begins to piece together the odd circumstances of his death.  Andrew is repremanded more than once by his superior, Tish, for working contrary to the assigned goal.  As Kara is able to slowly embrace moving on, Andrew finds he can't let go.  I've included a snippet below from A Ghostly Tale I, which hasn't been posted before.  In this story, Mara, Tara, and Sara are off on a girl's week out.  They're going to spend the week at a famous hounted house while enjoying the sights of the local community.  They've been friends forever.  Every year they take a trip, just the three of them, to catch up and have fun together.  Tara gets more than she bargained for.

In the exerpt below, Tara and her ghostly lover embrace passion in the chill of the night.  This is their last night together.

  Tara paced the room. She’d left the party before midnight. The gentle chimes of the clock announced the time. The room cooled quickly. In minutes, he was standing there before her. She thrilled to his icy touch as his hands rounded her shoulders then caressed the length of her arms to her hands. He took one each in his and pulled her to him.
  “I’m glad you’re here,” she said as she stepped into his embrace.
  Her breath came in mist as she breathed more heavily. She yearned for the chilled heights of ecstasy she hoped he’d bring her tonight. Each night before had been spent with him, in the wee hours of the night, ascending heights of pleasure she’d not known before. Not even when she was with Kirk all those years before.
  “How could I not be, on this, our last night together.”
  “Does it have to be this way? Is there no way we can be together after I leave tomorrow?” She new the answer.
  He silenced her question with his mouth upon hers. Cold tendrils of excitement vined their way through her body. Their loving was first tender then urgent with need. He entwined his fingers through her hair. His tongue thrust itself into her moist cavern and tortured hers with taunts and cat-calls to become one with his. They ground together as they stood there, seeking to merge beyond the limitations of their own bodies. Hers was corporeal and still of this mortal coil and his ethereal yet present in the here and now to the degree that the hour permitted him.

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