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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome To Kalaydan The City Of The Blue Chi

I know you've been dying to learn a little more about the nation of Kalaydan and it's peoples.  Now's the time.  Just click below and you're in like Flint. 

Kalaydan is one of the four nations on a distant world which are influenced by the erotic and sensual energy, chi.  Kalaydan is the nation of the blue chi.  The people are friendly, relatively carefree and altogether sensual.  For them sex play has a priority much like three squares a day and a couple candy bars would have for us on our world.  Kalaydan is densely wooded over much of it's region.

The main characters in Book One of the Kalaydan Chronicles go about their daily lives much as you or I would, but at a more leisurely pace.  Arrinay is the ruling mistress of Kalaydan and Bezhyanya is her Kallish and First One.  Their daughter and only child, Gayadnae is already pulling virile energy thus by Kalaydan law must start the training in order to learn the discipline.

Gayadnae has other ideas.  As is the way with Kalaydan parenting, Gayadnae's early childhood education consisted primarily of learning weaponry, martial arts, and the most basic of academics.  Unlike the children in non-ruling families, being the young mistress, or heir apparent, she hasn't started learning the family business which is rulership of a nation.

Grayt, however, is the true mystery in the lineup of characters.  In her position of serving woman to Arrinay, she is privy to much of what goes on with the family.  Being Tertaën, those of the Faerhën who have come above ground to mate with the people there, she is ever of the mind to serve.  Between keeping life in the Main House flowing smoothly, serving the ruling mistress, and filling in with Bezhyanya when needed, Grayt is kept pretty busy.  Along with all of this, she keeps Gayadnae from fulfilling a scheme to avoid her inherited responsibilities.  In her spare time she meets other more grave obligations and must also fulfill a secret trust.

Kalaydan's naturally good natured folks are unaware of the evil tenets which are weaving themselves into the fabric of their tranquil existence.  An age-old enemy of the Tertaën has set its sights on Kalaydan in the first stage of its goal of global conquest.

So, Get your copy now of The Moon-Kissed ChiThe Training will be out sooner than you can blink.


  1. Great lead in for the book. It has me wanted to read it.

    1. Thanks. Let me know what you think when you do. The buy link is above.

  2. In some ways, this fills in some gaps for me. It's a great blurb.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad to know it's helpful.


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