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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Loula-Anne By Grinelda Markowitz

Another 200-word flasher I had rattling around in my head this morning.  I hope you enjoy.  I'm not sure who's playing who here.

By Grinelda Markowitz

“But, Loula-Anne, please?” I begged as I looked under her poodle skirt and cotton slip to the pink slit framed by white-blond hair beneath.  My palms followed her thighs to their joining point.  Eager thumbs slipped along its slickness and toyed with the shy little button at the top.

“No.  You’re going away to college in two weeks, and I’m starting here at Macon State.  I just know I’d get pregnant.  We have to wait.”

Her eyes closed slightly as she looked into my eyes.  Her long legs spread wider over my belly upon which she sat.  They ended in feet sheathed in black and white saddle shoes and lacy pink socks.  She leaned her back into my thighs.  My fingers worked expertly to bring her to the edge, then stopped.  She focused through long, thick lashes.

“We can do it tomorrow at the justice’s and can have the rest of the day and night.”

“But, can’t it wait?”

“I want to see you in that pretty pink chiffon bit of nothing I bought you.”

“Weeeelll.  Okay.”  She smiled and lowered her lashes.  “But, no free samples.”

She wiggled against my baton as my thumbs resumed their efforts.


  1. Wow! What more can I say?

    1. thank you. i'm glad you liked. i appreciate your stopping by. :D


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