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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Re-Release of "The Moon-Kissed Chi" Is Now Available

The rehash of my first epublished book is now available.  Please take a moment to download it at  The Moon-Kissed Chi.  Don't forget to add me to your favorite authors at Smashwords.  Send me a facebook message in return for a coupon for a free download.  I'd appreciate feedback in return, however.

Coming next in 2012:
1.  A glossary and atlas of Kalaydan and the world upon which it sits.
2.  Book II in the Kalaydan Chronicles.

Ye obligatory blurp:

In a world where the environment contributes to a heightened sexuality, one spends a large percentage of the thirty-hour day engaging in sex play. The ruling family, Mistress Arrinay and Master Bezhyanya, must address the maturing drive of their daughter and the heiress apparent, Young Mistress Gayadnae. The Mistress' duties to the nation keep her away from her bed many a day and night and Grayt, the serving woman to the ruling family must many times fill in for Arrinay. Such trysts are common in their society and bear no stigma. There are other goings on around the Main House and you'll find Grayt and Young Mistress Gayadnae at the center of much of it.

But, just what is Grayt and where does she come from?  Why does The Daichi surge out of control in the bed chamber of the Young Mistress?

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