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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Moon-Kissed Chi ~ An Excerpt

The Moon-Kissed Chi
By Grinelda Markowitz (Hell yeh that's me!)

The shadow stepped from its hiding place and walked silently into the clearing.  It showed itself to be female and clad in all black.  She watched the back of the big man pass into the darkness of the forest.  The moonlight shone on her cadaverous gray skin with its strange greenish aura.  Her mane of jet black hair was even blacker than the big man's and hung loosely past her knees.  She was tall, taller than Arri and moved with a lithe carriage.  She turned to the direction from which she'd come, her all-black eyes searching for the one who watched her.  After a moment's hesitation she took to her feet and sprinted through the woods.  She broadcast her thoughts as she ran.
Sisters.  It has begun.  We must dance in defiance of the moons in the blackness of The Cave of Darkness upon my return.  Make ready. It's time to bring the smell of bloodbane back to the forest.

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