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Monday, March 19, 2012

How would you (or do you) like to read erotica?

I find I enjoy reading in bed.  Many people do as well.  I like taking my reading material with me to coffee.  If the reading is erotic, the thoughts race around my head, "If only they knew."  I'm a rebel at heart and always have been.  :D  I love going up to the garden center on campus on a balmy spring day and sitting amongst the fragrant flowers while I read whatever it is that has captured my attention at the time.  When there's a lover, with similar interests, in the picture, I love sharing the reading with them; each of us taking time with the reading.

I'm starting, with this post, a new feature.  I'll have a poll posted on the right with a corresponding post for additional commenting.  Please join in.  I hope to make the polls interesting, fun, and oh, so importantly, erotic.

Poll questions.  Don't forget to participate:
Snuggled in bed with a favorite coverlet?
Over morning coffee with the sun streaming in.
Out loud to lovers and/or friends?
In a public place enshrouded with an air of mystery?


  1. I like to read over lunch and in the evenings. I often have new age music playing in the background. I don't like to listen to music with words while I'm reading; I find that distracting. Good post, Grinelda.

  2. i'm the same way. many times i even forego music. i turn the tv down low enough only the intro music can be heard if i'm waiting on a show.


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