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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Johnny B. Goode and Amanda

I've been talking about Johnny for the last several weeks since my guest blog on Anthony Beal's blog.  Below the cut is an excerpt from the beginning efforts in his tale.  Click More Here, below.

“Oh, geez, Amanda, that was amazing,” Johnny said as he pulled the sheet over his lower body. He was breathing hard.
Amanda rolled over and sprawled along the length of Johnny’s body. Her sides heaved as she breathed heavily. She kissed him with a promise of more to come.
“Surely, you’re up for a little more?” She asked.
“Is there any doubt?” He entwined his fingers in her jet black curls. Her ice-blue eyes looked up at him as she directed her efforts further down.
“Oh, yes,” he sucked his breath in sharply through clenched teeth.
Her lips massaged the bulge beneath the sheet. As it gradually hardened and tented the fabric, she gripped it with both hands. Her mouth engulfed the top of the pole as she applied her teeth gently around its tip.
“Ugh! That hurts so nice! I can see why you’re such a good sculptor. You work so well with your hands.” He pressed her head further into his groin.
“A sculptor is only as good as the quality of the tools they use. And, your tool is of the finest quality.” Amanda said as she pulled back the sheet and feasted her eyes on the well designed pleasure device before her.
“Perhaps, you’d like to start a masterpiece?”
“Perhaps.” She took the head in her mouth and lavished on the member all the skill her talented hands and mouth possessed.
They exhausted themselves pursuing nirvana through the night. When Johnny awoke later in the morning the sun was streaming in through the windows and the sheer curtains billowed in the wind. He smiled, cupped his love baton and rolled over. Amanda wasn’t there. Figuring she was already downstairs in the kitchen, he got up and went to the loo. After splashing a bit of water in strategic places on his body, he hiked on a pair of pajama bottoms and headed downstairs. There was a note taped to the coffee pot. Sorry, I’ll text later, was all it said. He shrugged and went back upstairs for a shower.
Johnny went to work whistling a cheery tune as he walked down the lane. A night of good sex always energized him. He stopped at the flower shop along the way.
“Johnny. Good to see you.” Mr. Bloom, the florist said, “What can I do for you today?”
“Please send a large bouquet to Amanda. She’s at the same address.”
Mr. Bloom hesitated, then smiled. He placed the order and promised it would be delivered late this morning.
“What else can I get you? Anything?”
“No that’s all. I’ll be in Friday to send my regular arrangement to my mother.”
“How’s she doing? I’m so sorry she’s taken ill.”
“She’s settling in the assisted living community very nicely. She just loves the arrangements you’ve been sending. She has a nice sunny picture window, so next month, when it starts to warm up, I’ll send some live plants.”
“Glad to hear it. Please tell her I said hello next time you talk to her.”
“I will.”
“I’ll get an order of live plants in today so you’ll have a selection next month to choose from.”
“Thanks. You’re the greatest Mr. Bloom.”
Johnny left the store and continued on his way to work. His pace matched the tempo of the melody he whistled. Several store owners called out greetings to him and he waved back. When he got to work, most of his colleagues had already arrived. He poked his head into a few offices to say hi as he headed down the hall to his department. After turning on the monitor and computer at his desk, he went to the break room for a cup of coffee and a donut. When he returned to his desk, he sat down and started on the donut and coffee while he logged in to his desk top applications. The text message came in after he put the last bit of donut in his mouth.
Sorry, Johnny. I’m seeing someone else these days. Let’s cool it. Love, Amanda.


  1. In this case, the "design" is both nature and nurture. Great segment!

    1. thank you. i agree. sorry, i thought i'd commented on this already. :D working on this week's HHD selection. :D


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