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Monday, August 6, 2012

How do you like your spanking (to read or literally)?

How do you like your spanking (to read or literally)?  The visual and sensual are both important in the reading.  Considering the popularity of the spanking story, I've created this poll to get a feel for how you readers like the scene to unfold.  Now it's up to you whether you share in this blog post if it's your preferred experience or how you like to read it.

For me, the unfolding of the scene needs to relate back to the characters and what I perceive their tastes to be.  The timing of the spanking should be taken into consideration also.  Sometimes you just gotta make do with what's on hand.  I'm no expert in this popular entertainment, however, i have a few ideas of my own.

The options in the poll are:

Bare hand to bare bottom
Bare hand to fabric (cotton or otherwise) covered bottom
By hand to the bottom in question
By an implement to the bottom in question
Moist or wet hand to bare bottom
Hand to moist or wet bare bottom
Other: Please share the details in the corresponding post. <-- that would be here.

Don't forget to take the poll on the right side of the page.


  1. LOL! What an ingenious poll idea! Love it. I have to say, I'd never considered so many options before, but if I have to pick, I'd be happy as long as the spanker was tall, gorgeous and supernaturally-inclined. :)

    1. now that criteria is superb and i couldn't agree with you more. thanks for stopping in. :D i'm sure i've left out a few option, however. :p

  2. Not sure what I would choose here. I'm not into that kink, giving or receiving them. Watching them is highly erotic, especially in slow motion vids. You get to really see what is going on and how it might arouse someone.

    On a lighter note. Bare hand spanking is best for erotic play. I've seen it done a number of times in real life on clothed and unclothed people. The main draw back is that the person's hand doing the spanking wears out before the receiver in most cases.

    They have a little nifty called a "slapper" that is two pieces of leather made into a strap form. One piece hits the other when used. The sensations can be quite unusual and erotic where ever used and no matter the force. (If you get good with it, you can make a double hit felt by the person being hit.) The cracking noise is also a thrill for both. (Similar to when you snap a hard leather belt.) Even the lightest hit can get that slapping sound of the leather to make a person jump. (I love scaring the $#%^ out of someone with one of those.) {If you live close to people or in an apartment like complex, better to alert the neighbors. This sound carries a long way and through thin walls. Do it enough and the people with badges show up thinking you are abusing someone. Just a tip, although the female officer did like the little tool. Hey, my dog barks and I use the noise to scare her into stopping. I don't harm animals.}

    As above, the person would have to be very good looking and a Domme in my case. Say one of those Amazon types in leather and thigh high boots. Love those types at times.

    1. Damian, thanks for stopping in and commenting. i thought this would be a fun entry along with the poll at the top of the menu on the right. i can imagine folks get up to all sorts of creativity when implementing/receiving a bit of what-for.


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