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Monday, February 25, 2013

Excerpt from Kalaydan Chronicles for My April 2013 blog Post

This post is for my "April Is Not Only For Fools" blog post.  You'll get to read the entire blog post on my WordPress blog April 1, 2013.

In this excerpt, Gayadnae and Muntaën have met.  He is her Kallish [the bedworn of a rulling woman].  This meeting allows another side of Gayadnae to emerge.  You'll learn more about the two and their relationship in, _The Kalaydan Chronicles: Book I ~ The Training , now in work.

I like this man. He listens to me and seems to care about me already, though he hardly knows me. Maybe he’ll like the real me if I let him see who I really am.
She was silent for a moment then nodded.
“Now, what about you. What did you see?”
“I didn’t see as much as you saw. What I did see was very short but ominous. I was, as you said, very much addicted to pawpi and I’d become changed physically as you saw also. But, what you couldn’t know or see was the black, consuming anguish which had filled the empty space inside. There was something I wanted very much that had been denied me and I would never have a chance to have it. For that reason I had become what I was. The pawpi and Daichi served to numb me emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”
“What was it you had wanted?”
“Please forgive me. I can’t tell you now.”
“Will you tell me sometime?”
“I think I must.”
Just then Shelbayn galloped into the clearing. He came right up to Gayadnae and nuzzled her neck. She turned to Muntaën.
“If you’re to be my Kallish, how will I find you?”
“I’ll be there when the time is right. I have something for you.”
“You do?”
He pulled a black pouch from a pocket and handed it to her.
“What is it?”
“Open it.”
She loosened the opening and dumped the contents of the pouch into her hand. Out slid a forest green crystal with blue and silver veins. It had a leather thong wrapped around one end.
“It’s beautiful. Here.”
She handed it to him and turned her back to him. She caught up her long, brown tresses so he could slip it around her neck. He turned her slowly around and took in the sight of her as he did so.
“It looks wonderful on you. I had looked for the perfect stone to gift you for many mooncycles. One day, when I was at the silver pond, as I played my fingers in the water, I noticed its green light sparkling. When I saw the veining, I knew it was for you.”
“It’s perfect.”
She didn’t realize the significance of everything he said; but, instead, put her arms around his neck tentatively and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. He flushed; and, for a moment, the heaviness which was reflected in his face went away but returned when she stepped back.
“I’m sorry, I guess I shouldn’t.”
“It’s okay. I’ll be fine. I’ve waited this long for you; I think I can wait a little longer.”
“That’s around two more suncycles you know. I am precocious according to my mother.”
“I know. And it’s okay. There’s something special about this stone for you. You and I share something special. The Gaichi seeks us out. Grayt tells me you don’t sleep at night because it wants you to come out to play, so to speak.”
“Is that why I’m so tired when I get up?”
“Yes. But this stone will shield you from the Gaichi.”
“But why? What have I, what have we done to anger the Gaichi?”
“It’s not anger. It’s curiosity. Something about us makes it curious. Something about us has caught its attention. But we, neither you nor I, should try to face it alone to see what it wants. And, I must warn you. Pawpi is dangerous for us now. Avoid it. Even the essence.”
“Okay. I think I trust you.”
“I hope you do. There’s one last thing.”
“Go on.”
“You cannot remember any part of tonight until the right time arrives. I’ll watch over you as best I can when you’re outside of The Main House, but, inside, there are none to watch but Grayt and she cannot sense you as I can.”
“But how can you . . .”
“Not now.”
He looked around at a snort from Shelbayn. The horse was becoming nervous and skittish.
“We must go now. Time has come and gone for us to talk. Come here.”
He pulled her closer to him in an embrace, then brought his stone up close to hers. She held his hand at bay for a moment.
“Is there a reason we have the same color stones? The only difference is yours is veined in yellow and silver.”
“Yes, but not now. We must be on our way.”
“Okay. Kiss me before we go? I want to know, just for a moment, what our time together will be like.”
His feral yellow eyes became bigger and darker as he moved his face closer to hers. His breath smelled sweet and spicy all in one. He kissed her full on the mouth. Not holding back, he pulled her tightly to him and covered her lips with the warmth of his own. His tongue sought entry and was met enthusiastically by hers. Their embrace went no further than the kiss, but each knew an awakening had occurred for which there must be a satisfying answer. He released her. Her bosom heaved and her breathing was heavy.
“I like your scent. It arouses me.”
“I like yours too and it does me as well. Now my sleeping dreams have a subject for their unfolding,” he said as he held her further away."
“There’s more where that came from, right?” She asked, disappointment showing in the set of her mouth.
“Much more.”

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