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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Only Thing Better Than Turkey and Dressing

I hope you enjoy your turkey day tomorry, for those of you who celebrate it.  Thanks for coming by to spend a bit of this Horny Hump Day with me.  While Ailbhe is enjoying her shower with Braydon, let's spend some time with Tara and her chilling love interest.  You'll find an excerpt from Tara's last night of otherworldly romance in the Howloween Blog Hop Post.  See previous nibbles in previous Horny-Hump-Day posts for this w. i. p. here.
Her surprise receded and her arousal sublimed as it dawned on her this was a man whose internal thermostat was set to the same low degree as her own.  His throbbing rod lay along her belly to her navel and course short-and-curlies, his, rubbed her upper thigh.  He pulled her head back with his fingers entwined in her hair; her lips parted in anticipation.  
Tara is a woman who is unflappable to a fault.  You'll recall in a previous HHD post, she awoke to find she no longer occupied her bed alone.  This nibble continues from there.

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you, Gem Willows. glad to see a new face in our little bit of the erotic 'verse. i'm glad you stopped in and commented.

  2. If that rod's throbbing, it can't be but so cold! LOL Hot 3!

    1. hi, Jenna. thanks for popping in and commenting. things in the ghostly world are a bit on the cool side.

  3. Wow, that's weird. Chrome just told me your page is in Romanian and offered me a chance to translate it. LOL You probably didn't even know you spoke Romanian, Grinnie.

    Anyway, your 3 are very descriptive. All the parts match up so well!

    1. Patricia, i'm a woman of many talents. ;) thanks for coming by and commenting. it seems because of time constraints i'm having to use the patchwork-quilt method in writing my stories. a fun challenge (no sarcasm). :D

  4. Very sexy selection! I love your descriptive language.

    1. Carrie-Anne, hi there. thanks for stopping in and commenting. finding ways to say the things i see in my head is an interesting endeavor.


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