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Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Review ~ Daughter of the Moon: Book Two - The Depths

Daughter of the Moon: Book Two - The Depths
By Patricia Green

The escapades of Charles, Mikhail, and Sonata continue in Patricia Green's, Daughter of the Moon ~ Book II: The Depths. Now confined to Earth Ark Omega (EAO) until the earth's atmosphere can again support human life, the entwined lives and relationships of its inhabitants are run through the crucible of close confinement, an artificial environment, and the passage of time over ten plus years after their confinement to the shelter. The author cleverly develops the personalities of the characters and allows them to blossom, mature, and ripen together into the cohesive seed community it is destined to become.

Hilarious, poignant, and riveting throughout; one experiences the best and worst elements as would be found in any community engaged in a constant struggle to survive. Deftly embroidered throughout the story is an underlying sensual and sexual thread which shows up its characters for the truly human creatures they are. Allow yourself to be entertained in a moment of abandon by entering the EAO.

In tandem with the community's confinement drawing to a close, the reader is reassured that Charles, Mikhail, and Sonata as well as their friends have a future in the world from which they have been estranged. Patricia Green appropriately ends the story with the ritual which so appropriately means promise on many levels. I found as much enjoyment in this second book of the series as I did the first. Not knowing what I was in for when I first stepped through the entrance into the EAO all those many pages ago; I'm glad I did.

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